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and our changing times

"The next Buddha (enlightened being) may be a sangha (community)."

Thich Nhat Hanh, Day of Mindfulness, October 1993

The new wave of human evolution is leading us to embody the higher-order intelligence and world-affecting potency of groups themselves. Our enhanced neural pathways are opening us to an expanded capacity of awareness, one in which we experience ourselves as an entire group being rather than simply as a component of a group. 


Many of us are realizing that group self-awareness holds the key to humanity’s next step. . . a transformative leap, actually. The combined energy and awareness of a committed and aligned group of individuals is not simply additive; it becomes exponentially greater and more potent. We can consciously utilize this energy and new-order intelligence as fuel for self- and world-awakening. 


We now have the capability to function, predictably, as an open-hearted, conscious body of unity. It no longer has to be a random occurrence.

In New Age circles, this evolutionary leap is frequently spoken of as a a profound shift in consciousness and awareness from the third dimension to the fifth and higher dimensions. These are not places but states of being, frequency bands of consciousness. In the third dimension, we have experienced reality through the lens of separation, duality, hierarchy, and limitation. In contrast, the higher dimensions are characterized by unity consciousness, oneness, and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things providing access to infinite potential. The transition we are now undergoing involves letting go of old habit patterns, beliefs, and attachments that no longer serve us, and embracing a higher level of consciousness and vibrational frequency. It is a challenging transformative process, ultimately leading to significant spiritual growth, inner peace, and alignment with our truest essential expression.

The New Wave of Groups work utilizes the enhanced potency of group coherence coupled with a longing. . . in fact, an evolutionary imperative. . . to help move the habitual focus of human life from the separate “me” to a heartful and unitive “we." 


Our programs are at the forefront of this emerging paradigm of unity. We provide courses, practical conversations, consulting services, and group-connection resources to facilitate both intra-group awareness and connection among conscious groups. 

As you surf these transformative times, toggling among realities and even among the ‘Yous” you experience yourself to be, join us as we practice together to solidly drop anchor into the emerging future. . . a new capacity to move toward the awareness of who we truly are and to act as a WE for the benefit of ALL. 




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