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"Wow! What a magical journey these past five weeks have been for our already well-established group of seven. Patricia and Anne have skillfully held space for us to reach a higher level of consciousness, where silence and presence enable so much more than words to flow. From seven hearts, we are now one. An innovative and transformational experience that is the way forward for all groups. I am finding the eight elements so beneficial in both my personal and professional life. Heartfelt thanks🤍"

"Much gratitude for the added depth the class concepts are bringing to my group work." 

"My recent New Wave of Groups class experiences have been a combination of broader perspective, focused intentions, simplicity, embodiment/groundedness, and truly coming/speaking from the New World. This is really good!!!” 

“You are doing such beautiful work in the world right there on the leading edge of ascension and evolution!”

“After just the first class I was already consciously and deliberately bringing the principles to the groups that I lead, and the effect has been palpable.”  

So practical! I used the elements with my children right away. I think we all felt more comfortable.”

"It’s opened me to change the way I think about 'conducting' a group."

"The facilitators hold our space with great love, patience and acceptance, which allows me to release and re-write old group patterns with a new and healthy model. I’m excited to further embody this group work, and look forward to creating life from this new platform.  Highly recommended!”

“I recently took this class and was blown away by the new concepts I learned. A feeling of excitement and new possibilities enveloped my senses. I try to apply some of the concepts in my everyday life now. I highly recommend this class.” 


"This is really radical work!"

"I am freer to offer what arises at every moment in time, therefore experiencing a lighter sense of living and knowing who I am." 

"I can feel the amount of connection of unity that's here. And that's what this work is starting to give me, this 8 Elements environment. I can surrender, explore, play, move into, and not feel like it's too much or that I am too much."

"This class has given me an even deeper understanding of and appreciation for the group being, after having worked with both musical and healing groups for 30 years. After just the first class I was already consciously and deliberately bringing the principles to the groups that I lead, and the effect has been palpable.  I feel like I’m in exactly the right place and with the support of this class experience, aligned with the rising wave of the evolution of group dynamics into the fourth and fifth dimensions.  I look forward to continuing to dance into the unknown and with wherever this new download will take my groups and me." 


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