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A Life-Practice Program for 8 Elements Grads

A series of 5, 90-minute weekly meetings to embody the 8 Elements and 3 Groups practice in our lives.

When we come together each week in a New Wave group, no matter what is going on in our lives the group being will embrace it, metabolize it, and something significant will shift. This is simply what happens when we move our consciousness to a more unitive perspective. This is what happens when we visit or live from the higher frequencies. 

An enhanced group consciousness leads to group-field coherence, a powerful force for healing and transformation that is available at any time and in any setting. When this level of consciousness is “crystalized," as happens in our practice groups, participants can draw on the group being in any moment for information, assistance, and healing.

"Living the New Wave" groups emerge from the framework of the 8 elements and 3 Groups and offer more real opportunities to explore the group being and the higher intelligence of the group. This is what naturally arises as we practice expressing through, and affirming, our personal sovereignty. Hands-on experiences during the group meetings and out into real life group participation will deepen your skill and ease with the 8 Elements work. 

Our meetings are purposeful conversation and engagement in groups as living beings—living systems. Anne, Patricia, and all present, will guide you in further re-orienting your perceptions, attitudes, and actions to the more open-hearted functioning of a group-being. This is a focused observation and practice of intentionally integrating the awareness of New Wave groups into all the varied groups of our lives. 

Fees: To bring the group work of Anne and Patricia in line with standard self-care services and the fees we all individually usually charge for providing healing, therapy, coaching, etc., we suggest you pay $100-$200 for each 90-minute group meeting. Scholarship and payment plans available. 

Schedule & Registration:

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