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I have a passion to help us all orient to a higher, more coherent frequency that offers a broader perspective, a heart centered lens, and more possibilities of ease and resolution to life’s tangles. Exploring the 'group being' from the perspective of The New Wave of Groups provides a potent environment to explore ourselves so that we can be “awed” at what is here for each of us individually and as our groupness.”


Anne’s entrepreneurial spirit shows up in the founding of Campbell’s Lane Horse Farm, Insight Equine Therapy, and Great Bear Retreat and Airbnb Venue. As a retreat facilitator/host,


Anne brings people together to create meaningful connections and safe, unique and transformative opportunities for clients. 


Along with a 30 year career training/coaching riders and their horses, Anne’s devotion has been to foster communication and partnership between horse and human. She is also a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing and Southeastern School of Massage. Anne is immersed daily in the herd-ness of the horses and donkeys that live at Campbells Lane Farm and who offer endless support and love to her longing to orient toward unity.

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"My great delight is supporting each of us who attend these New Wave groups to find and trust our inner authority. There is nothing like experiencing the coherent wisdom of a group body, knowing it has had the space to arise because each of us had the courage to be the most we can be in the moment."

An innovative teacher and organization creative, Patricia has been forming and guiding New Age educational institutions for 40 years. She is a clear and precise interpreter of practical higher-dimensional communication.

Patricia was a class dean and vice president of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, senior faculty member of the Radical Aliveness Institute, and faculty of the Core Energetics Institute. She is certified in those healing modalities for individuals and groups. Patricia received an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and is a graduate of the Center for Intentional Living program in integrative psychology.  




In 2004, guided by her teacher, Barbara Brennan, Patricia became aware that every group of two or more individuals has a unique and identifiable consciousness. Each New Wave of Groups class is perceived as its own unified intelligence, its "group body," comprised of all the component beings who have the intention to participate in the work. It is through the nurturing of this awakening perception that we become aware of the higher order of group wisdom and learn to access it in our daily lives. 

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